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Home Split System Repair

Home Split System Repair

Split systems are the most common type of Air conditioning unit found in homes today and regular maintenance will keep them reliable for many years.

In the case of a Home Split System failing to work, Gecko Air, can provide AC Repairs to almost all split system brand types supplied in Australia.

Repair work is done on modern day Split Systems that are used not only at home but in business as well.

Common repairs may include:

  • System operating but not cooling
  • Refrigerant leakage (locate leak, repair & recharge)
  • System not heating
  • Outdoor unit surrounded by objects (remove objects)
  • Refrigerant leakage (locate leak, repair & recharge)
  • System with water leak
  • Clear drain with pump or compressed air
  • Dismantle indoor unit and clean tray
  • System not responding to remote control
  • Replace remote control batteries
  • Indoor unit control board failed
  • System shutting down after 20 seconds
  • Indoor or outdoor control boards failed

Aircon Split System Servicing

The Air conditioning indoor unit has a filter to not only filter the air to be cooled but prevent the cooling radiator from blocking with dust. When the radiator blocks, the air conditioner efficiency reduces, reducing cooling capacity and putting excess wear on air conditioning components and raising the power consumption. The outdoor unit also needs a clear and unobstructed air flow. If the coil becomes blocked with garden overgrowth the system will overheat and damage will occur to system components.

Service by Gecko Air includes

  • Remove, wash and refit indoor unit filter
  • Fit San Air capsule, for the control of mould and bacteria (lasts 3 months, extra cost per unit)
  • Inspect condensate drainage
  • Inspect outdoor unit and clean as required with water (condenser coil)
  • Refrigerant leak test
  • Tighten electrical terminals
  • Test system operation
  • Advise and quote on additional repairs if required