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AC Service & Maintenance

AC Service & Maintenance

When it comes time to servicing your AC unit, leave it to the AC experts. Each air conditioning system service will vary slightly but most will involve these basic checks as well as any extra maintenance our experienced air conditioner technicians find.


The checks that need to be carried out include:

  • Clean filters
  • Check gas levels
  • Check that heating and cooling functions are working
  • Check the airflow
  • Check all functions of the air conditioning are operational
  • Check the electrical connections
  • Check the outdoor units and in good working order and that the fan is operational

Over time, Air-conditioning units can wear down due to environmental conditions. The outdoor unit is especially important to review as part of a yearly AC Service.

We have options for Commercial, Offices, Retail and Homes, to make sure your AC is working when you need it.

To get a quote for ongoing maintenance or if you would like a service check, please get in contact with us today.